Text 24 Jan 53 notes Universal Pictures: Let the Lorax Speak for the Trees!

Why This Is Important

Adding environmental education to The Lorax movie website is important because this is the message of the book and it should be honored. Dr. Seuss wanted people to be inspired by The Lorax to help the environment. Currently, the movie website, trailer, and story summary have no mention of helping our planet! This is a missed opportunity. There are big problems in our natural world and we need more and more people helping out.

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Our 4th grade class read Dr. Seuss’s, The Lorax, and liked that the Lorax character “spoke for the trees.” We do this at our school by running a recycling program and by canceling unwanted catalogs - www.CatalogCancelingChallenge.com! The book encourages people to help the planet. We enjoyed that in the end the Once-ler realized that life is not just about making money, it’s about what’s best for others and the environment.

We were excited for The Lorax movie to come out in March, but when we went to the movie website, there was absolutely nothing about saving the Earth which is what Dr. Seuss wanted us to learn. The site is more about selling tickets. The trailer did not include much about the environment, either! We think Universal Pictures needs to “green up” this website.

Our world, like the Lorax’s, is facing major environmental problems like pollution, global warming, oil spills, littering, a Great Pacific Garbage Patch, deforestation, and loss of animal habitat. These problems will affect our future.

The Lorax movie, with its millions of dollars in advertising and massive audience has the potential to help heal the Earth. This movie can show the world we should not take our sky, water, trees, and animals for granted. It could inspire more and more people to treat Earth with the same respect you would give a child.

We’d like to see the movie live up to the potential of the book. We’re encouraging Universal to make an improved Lorax movie website that Dr. Seuss would be proud of. We recommend a “Lorax Tips” button shaped like a Truffula seed sharing ways people can help the planet. Maybe a Truffula Tree overflowing with tips and links pops up when you click on the seed! We can help you make this list, too!

What if Universal gave out tree seeds after the movie to children helping plant thousands of trees? This poetic gift fits perfectly with the hopeful end to the story. Also, could you put green tips into your television and print ads for the movie, or even into the movie’s credits?

Please know The Lorax has power and that this movie could start a movement of kids helping the planet. The movie website and promotions should do what the book does and help the planet. This is possible with a few simple changes such as adding a “Lorax Tips” button.

Universal, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better, it’s not.” Please consider this line from the book; it is also true for the world.

Mr. Wells’ Fourth Grade Class

http://youtu.be/io_JAgY6NWE - class music video with “Solving for X”

http://youtu.be/y-6uImGea8E - class re-write of our Lorax story

http://vimeo.com/34979978 - class re-write (short version, no introduction)


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